Hole-In-One Ranch

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We are excited to produce and offer Hole-In-One Ranch Grass Fed and Finished Beef and Lamb and Pastured Pork to our customers, friends and family in the Reno / Tahoe area.  Located a little over an hour from Reno, near the small town of Janesville, California we carry on our Lassen County ranching heritage of over 100 years. As 3rd and 4th generation ranchers, we and our two sons Andrew and Daniel started the Hole-In-One Ranch in 1993 where we raise Black Angus cattle, crossbred, white faced sheep and Heritage-breed hogs on our 900 acre ranch.

Our cattle and sheep are born and raised on grass pasture and finished by grazing natural pasture forages. They receive no hormones and are not fed antibiotics, animal bi-products, processed or packaged feed.  Our pigs are born and raised on the ranch and enjoy room to roam; and are given the opportunity to forage and express their pig-ness every day. All of our animals are processed in Reno at Wolf Pack Meats.

Our ranch-raised meats may take longer to finish, but “It’s good for the land, and it’s good for you!”  From our pasture to your plate, our meats are truly a locally fresh, safe product.

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